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Exclusive Look at CannaCon Boston; The Premier Cannabis Business Exhibition

This summer in Boston, Massachusetts, the Hynes Convention Center was home to the first CannaCon Boston expo event where thousands of cannabis leaders, consumers, entrepreneurs, and professionals,  gathered to discuss any and everything related to the cannabis industry. Now that medical marijuana is legally being sold in Massachusetts dispensaries, and with regular cannabis retailers or “pot shops” scheduled to open during the Summer of 2018, this was the perfect event to help get the community prepared for the East Coast green rush that is coming.

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“We’re talking about $1.1 Billion in revenue for Massachusetts in the first year alone, once you start actually making money selling legal cannabis,” said Nick Smart, CannaCon sales manager and son of Robert Smart who founded CannaCon. “And what’s really interesting about that is if you look at Colorado last year they increased their job structure by 18,000 jobs just in the cannabis industry alone. Colorado has 5 million people and Massachusetts has, I believe, 7 million people, and so I think the projected numbers are probably around 22-24,000 new jobs that the cannabis industry will create alone”.

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What is CannaCon Boston?

CannaCon is one of the worlds largest cannabis industry expo events so we had to make an appearance even tho we’re still getting things up and running on our end but believe us, it was worth it and we weren’t disappointed. Among the guest speakers that we got to interview was Adam Dunn, founder of T.H. Seeds and winner of over 30 Cannabis Cups after developing cannabis strains like the Hog, Bubble Gum, Sage, Heavy Duty Fruity, Chocolate Chunk and more.

“I saw a lot of real happy people, and I think it’s one of those things where New England still has that magic in it… and it’s not just about the party that goes on with the legalization but really it’s about the healing of the nation from legalization,” said Dunn.

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“And I believe that if the recreational would, adapt, to take some of that money from the rec, and use that to take care of the people in medical (need), then you would have no reason to charge people for medical and we could actually do what this whole thing was about doing – which is taking care of our patients and the people out there. And really, there is no recreation in my mind, it’s all medical because whether it’s preventative or after the fact, it’s never killed anybody which is the number fact that we all know, and it’s helped millions.” Adam Dunn

What was the motivation for starting CannaCon?

“What we wanted to do was prove to everyone that you don’t need weed to have a successful trade show. And if you look at every single vendor here there is no pot here, and every single one of them almost had a great show. So that really was the motivation for this, we wanted to bring a professional to the cannabis industry, and then it just grew from there.” Nick Smart


“I think everybody has something to offer and if you can bring some other specialty to this industry other than growing cannabis or being the guy who can sling the most weed, that’s not necessarily what we need. What we need is people who are good at what they do to adapt that into our industry to make it stronger and better.” Adam Dunn


Thanks to everyone at CannaCon especially Nick, Robert, and Cassie, as well as Adam Dunn and everyone else that showed us love, and especially for hosting this event in our beautiful city. We’re looking forward to summer of 2018 for next years event!

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